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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So the Chaser has been suspended, and the ABC is apologising for the offence, and in one of those oh-so-familiar faux-pology manouvres have pulled the ‘it wasn’t intended to cause offence’ line.

It shits me that intention pops up like this in any case of wrongdoing as if you had to have deliberately set out to hurt, or else be let off with a cookie and a head pat. I’m thinking about intention in law, and I’m wondering whether reasonable forseeability might not be the more relevant test here – was it not reasonably forseeable to the grotesquely over inflated egos of the “Chaser Boys” when they put this skit together to be broadcast on a nationl programme that their poor taste gag was going to cause offence and distress?And that far from being able to dismiss the group upset as ‘not having a sense of humour’, you were gonna have a hard time telling parents of terminally ill kids to “Harden the fuck up”?

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