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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Hoyden About Town is a bit of a one-stop shop for me to keep up with the issues in the news without all the bullshit reporting/MSM crap, to hear some intelligent and informed opinions. This week it’s been on fire:

On proposed changes to Accessible Parking for persons with disabilities which will make it far more difficult for those whose disabilities/mobility issues are not so visibly identifiable, see here and here. The second link is to a form letter on the issue – pretty easy to insert your details and forward on – let’s face it, these changes are bullshit and with enough pressure might be avoided.

There is also a link (via Hoyden) to a personal account of ‘invisible disability’ issues here.

On the delibarate slaughter of a Doctor, in his church, in front of his family because he performed urgently necessary operations and didn’t just let women die, please see guest poster Slave to the Tink’s post, cross posted here

On the bullshit logic and arguments of pro-lifers that led to this murder (ie/misunderstandings of late term abortions, what they are, what they’re for, when and how they happen), please see Hoyden posts here and here.

For links obtained through H.A.T to articles on the terror tactics these fucker use, and the fact that it’s ignored by police, please see here and here

And, an explanation from Guest Poster Jo Tamar on what the Mabo decision *really* meant for law and native title in Australia here.


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