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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Everybody, meet Newly Single. Newly Single, meet everybody. Newly single, is apparently, newly single and now having TEN TIMES more sex than he ever had with his ex wife.

He’s here to tell everybody how VERY MUCH he knows about everything, about life, men, women, sex, feminism, international conspiracy theories, aspartame, breast cancer and mercury in the immunisations.

That’s right, Newly Single is PISSED that feminists HATE men so much that they assert that men are fully human creatures who are NOT automatons at the mercy of biological imperatives to rape and beat and kill, but rather can be expected to participate responsibly in society, and that we have a right to express concern and approbation where they do not. (HATERS!!!)

He’s here to tell us that MEN ARE SO TOO decent people (forgetting that we have never asserted otherwise, except inasfar as we’ve sometimes said that individual men have behaved in appalling ways which is not the same thing at all and most people understand this) and he’s doing that HOW? By telling us that MEN…created feminism to fool stupid women into…destroying the world (I think that’s what he’s saying I can’t quite tell). That MEN (the conspiring men, who from what I can tell are Marxists…then bankers…maybe marxist bankers?) put mercury into immunisations to kill children, and aspartame into…doesn’t say what…Diet Coke I’m assuming, International Women’s Drink apparently – der…to kill women. Along with breast cancer (I should be clear that I’m not *sure* if he means the breast cancer is in the soft drinks with the aspartame, or something in the aspartame triggers it – science disagrees, but he knows best – and I’m not sure how he knows that men aren’t also drinking the aspartame but I digress).

So, right, men (the conspiracy communist banker men) are KILLING women and children, and the OTHER men are LAUGHING SO HARD at the stoopid women and kids who don’t know what is killing them, dying…dead…so funny! HAHA. What’s funnier than dead kids right? AND right, you dumb arsed FEMINISTS are so STUPID that you *hate* men! You shouldn’t hate men you hateful bitches! You should LOVE men, because…because…the powerful conspiring men are killing you and your children and the other men are laughing!!!

FEMINISTS hate men SOOOOOOoooosooo much right! Cos they have these blogs in which they discuss problems in the world and sometimes they have problems with what men do? Right. That’s HATE.

But Newly Single is love and wisdom. HE doesn’t hate, he just knows shit…so much so that he’d happily let a feminist have the shit kicked out of her but would *rescue* non feminist women (cos we feminists are distinguished so easily by our eye patches and wicked hats).

Newly Single isn’t being a hate filled jerk when he runs around talking shit about the law as if he knows his legal arse from his legal elbow (oh don’t worry, I plan on giving you his comments in full) and screaming disruptions into comment threads having conversations about serious issues and not centred on the CENTRE of the UNIVERSE (NS) people! He’s not being a wanker when he barges in throwing elbows over how INTELLIGENT WOMEN all know in their hearts I’m an evil misandrist bitch from hell, and how the problem is that there are HARDLY ANY INTELLIGENT WOMEN out there, no, he’s not being a fucking jerk off when he tips me a wink after calling me a fucking idiot censoring man hating fascist! He just KNOWS so much MORE than us, and he doesn’t MEAN to be a rude prick, he’s just so bursting with knowledge and warm fuzzy wisdom and his own misogyny propaganda sites don’t provide him with just enough dickswinging aggressive screaming room to *prove* he Is The Very Model of The Modern Major General.

FEMINISTS ARE SOOOOOOOOOO stupid! Anyone who is a feminist is like so moronic they oughtn’t to be allowed the right to have their own conversations without him pissing all over their metaphorical loungerooms. Cos he has a DICK and he wants to SPEAK! PLUS they censor! They HATE FREE SPEECH, that’s right they do. Because not allowing men on to have a total shit attack, rudely disrupt and have a deranged rant, explain how if there was no conviction then there was no rape (sorry learn to read history *yourself* NS), and there was no rape and if there was one, since men are ALL so decent, if a girl was raped one of the guys would speak out (like happened with Leigh Liegh…oh no wait…like with Anita Cobby…no, wait, dammit I’m ALWAYS HEARING about men who were present at gang rapes stopping their mates/coming forward to dob in their mates) is totally about censorship and a hatred of free speech.

So here you go Newly Single. Here are all your comments from Monday morning – all seven in less than two hours. Enjoy your publication you giant fucking douchehound, you’re not being published on here ever again – not cos I can’t withstand the mighty force of your intellect as you managed to imply, but *because* believe it or not, I do NOT need to drop everything and tend to YOUR demanding, footstomping, self contradictory, bizarr-o conspiracy theory full of shit ‘arguments’ as the arrive in their stalker like loads. Plus you’re a misogynist turd.

Submitted on 2009/05/25 at 8:19am

Well fuck you too fuckpoliteness[niiice opener!]. You seem to miss the point that the numbers were 9 of 10 men not getting what they needed. By the way, I am a man who was faithful to one woman for 23 years, married for 18 of them, raised 4 children, two of our own, who was banished to ’sex starvation hell’ after the second baby arrived….I did everything possible to assist and support my ex. All the friends, ministers, marriage counsellors we went to put 110% of the responsibility on the continued attack and destruction of our marriage on HER shoulders. Indeed, she even accepted 100% responsibility in writing MANY times [ah…you seem to have mistaken this blog for your therapy couch/confessional blog].

After she finally attacked me through judicial systems in both Ireland and Australia costing our family more than $A300K in assets I am happy as fuck to be rid of such a fat pig of a useless bitch and two ungrateful kids.[in case you’re wondering, that’s about the line at which it was determined you were a giant fuckwit]

And now I get laid about 10x more often than when I was married by thirty something supermodels [what…makes me…doubt this so?]. So post this comment. I dare you..or are you going to censor it. is this too much ‘dissent’ for you?

Men with fucked up wives who wont put out should LEAVE and just have sex with any women they like [I heartily agree that anyone not happy in a marriage should leave – you mistake me with Fred Nile if you think I’m all “Go Marriage, it’s your birthday]. Oh..and by the way, now I understand the legal system [bwahahaha] I can assist men rescind consent to pay child support or spousal support [not without leaving a valid email address you can’t you TROLL]. Without the benefits of being with the children, men have no lawful obligation to pay child support [the theme that unites your claims is an utter and overwhelming lack of any form of PROOF/EVIDENCE/CITATIONS]. Stick that on your blog and smoke it [I don’t smoke drugs].

[Yeah…that’s too much *dissent* for me to handle! Sheesh]

Submitted on 2009/05/25 at 8:27am
[eds note…I tire of this, I’m bored already the rest are published sans commentary…other than the responses I published on ‘OW’ and ‘About’ yesterday…oh yeah, did I tell you this douchehound didn’t even leave a real email address?]

Hey ms fuckpoliteness, you study ‘law’? Don’t you mean you study ’statutes’? How about you do an article telling your readers how the Commonwealth of Australia can only pass ’statutes’ and that statutes can only gain the force of law by consent of the governed…and that the governed have a right to withdraw their consent at any time.

While you are at it, how about you tell your blog readers the difference between Common Law and Uniform Commercial Code which is what you are ‘learning’.

You are out of luck little ms fuckpoliteness….we have discovered the legal system is a fraud, a hoax, merely a tool to powerful men to oppress less powerful men….just like feminism….then again…I guess you don’t know feminism was invented by the bankers to divide and conquer….it was written into the communist manifesto and was frequently championed by Engels…..

How about you do some real reading of history rather than put all this anti male shit on your blog.

[except this one time…it’s too funny to me that this rant fest, this strong reaction to my anti male ‘shit’ was brought on by a few lines about being tired from study…BOY DO I HATE MEN!]

Submitted on 2009/05/25 at 8:43am

“I will NOT allow comments which *I* deem to be intimidating, I will not allow comments which *I* deem to be the same old horse-shit trolling. You have plenty of spaces to vent your misogyny or racism.”

In other words, you do not allow freedom of speech and freedom of expression on *YOUR* site? Ok, as long as you are prepared to make it clear that you do not allow the truth here, you do not allow free expression, that you have annointed yourself as ‘the one and only authotrity’…

Oh…isn’t that just like a feminist? They want to suppress other peoples expression while presenting hate speech and misandry. There is no honesty and no freedom of speech in the feminist movement. Just take a look at Any dissenting statment is immediately removed because any thinking person cannot sustain the myth of feminism in the face of the truth.

Your little rant here is simply one more good example of it. Good luck ms. fuckpoliteness. You have no idea what is coming. You have no idea how much you are going to need good luck.

If you want to know you can start by searching for aspartame….and you will find that your MALE masters who feed you ‘feminism’ are also poisoning women with aspartame… ;-) You are victims of the same powerful men who are programming you with feminism…that is soooooo funny to us men. You might want to also check out BPA in plastics, mercury in vaccines, fluoride in the water, aluminium in the deodorants. Basically, the very people you are abusing and fighting with ‘feminism’ are the men who would ordinarily protect you from those men who are poisoning and killing women and children in large number….covertly of course. don’t know that women and children are being killed in large numbers? Never heard of ‘breast cancer’? Where do you think that came from? It came from research by MEN and was injected into society by MEN in order to kill women and to reduce the birth rates. Same as feminism, it was introduced with one aim to reduce birth rates. And if you look around the world you will find it has….Oh..but better not let that little bit of truth be exposed here.. ;-)

[Wait…just a warning, if misogynist rape apologising fuckwits infuriate you read on with caution “Ladies”…]

Submitted on 2009/05/25 at 9:10am

for you to blamed these men involved in the cronulla incident when the woman consented you have to make the case that women are not mentally competent to consent to their actions once they are 18. Or you have to make the case that women are not allowed to be without male supervision. This woman was over the age of 18 and I am yet to see a claim that she did not consent to sex. And where where the other women? Reportedly she was one woman alone who put herself into a group of 12 men asking for sex.

I used to be around professional footballers a lot. There were always plenty of women throwing themselves at them begging for sex. As long as the woman is 18 I have no problem with her exercising her right to do as she chooses. Why do you women say this woman did not have the right to do as she wished? Because you are control freaks, that’s why. I have lived in a society where this incident could not take place. It is called Saudi Arabia. And in this place women may not leave the house without being accompanies by a male relative or a designated protector. That protector is expected to protect the woman with his life. (What bastards muslim men are, willing to risk their life for the woman in their protection.) So you feminist women need to figure out what you want. Do you want the right to have full say over what you do with our body over the age of 18? Or do you wish to be protected by men and deemed to be unable to take care of yourselves? Ohh..that’s right…you want it BOTH ways…..

By the way, there are PLENTY of good men out there. And they are being slandered and abused on a daily basis. Yet when women act reprehensibly it is always ’someone elses fault’. Feminism has taught women that they are not responsible for their actions.

I noted that ms. fuckpoliteness mentioned in one post she is a single mother and has a live in boyfriend [In fact I did not, just because you can’t read and like to assume…]. (No idea if this is still the case). Posters here might wish to know ms. fuckpoliteness has put her child in the single most DANGEROUS position for a child willfully[actually, since she hasn’t, she…hasn’t…and further what you are arguing here NS is pretty much man hate – that it is *not possible* that I could be careful and only move in with a man I would trust absolutely – that it is not possible that a man not the child’s father could *not* be a child molesting predator – and you tell me that *I* hate men/have man hating views!]. The SAFEST place for a child is in the house of his/her natural father because men have been programmed for 10,000 years to protect their women and children [what, I wonder, happened 10,001 years ago? Further, we’ve had this arguments and statistics say no]. A ‘live in boyfriend’ is the 1# perpetrator of violence and sexual abuse to children, often with the full knowledge of the mother [while this could potentially be statistically verifiable – that this is the most dangerous situation for kids – you *have not in fact* verified. Further to go from this is statistically the most dangerous situation, to it’s never safe boyfriends are predators ALWAYS ALWAYS is another example of your MEN ARE PIGS line which I’d like to distinguish from my own]. 100 years ago on the titanic the cry was “women and children first”…those horrible bastard men laying down their lives willingly that more women and children might live [Helen, if you read this, would you care to provide the link in which another boating disaster and an exploration party disaster were discussed, where women died in far higher numbers than men – where the wealthy men looked after their own arses…possibly that of their ‘property’ too, but poor women and children be buggered? What I’m saying here is…well it boils down to ‘Only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes’ if you’ll excuse my utter nerdiness] … that feminism has taught men that women are so ‘equal’ do you think you will hear ‘women and children first’ now? I don’t think so.[Knob]

The unending attack on the psyche of young boys to make them feel worthless was programmed by MEN, executed by women, and it was done for a reason. I know the reason. You women don’t. It’s called knowledge vs ignorance.[aaaand yet, you never have to put your money where your mouth is and MAKE a fucking claim] And feminism is a belief system based on lies, deceit and ignorance. Miranda Devine and Bettina Arndt are pointing this out…….and you women attack them….charming. [so you’re here to attack me (my personal choices, to threaten, to swear at me and call me a censoring moron and someone who would happily let her child be abused cos feminists CLEARLY have no capacity for love and responsibility) because I believe differently than you and to scold me for attacking the writings/words of someone who believes differently than me…pot…kettle…idiot?].

Submitted on 2009/05/25 at 9:40am

aelo said May 23, 2009 at 12:44 pm
“Ah chivalry. When you give one half of the population all the resources and control and let them dole it out to the other half in very small doses, in a manner that makes them feel like God.”

Actually, aelo, this is not even close to an accurate representation of chivalry. But blatantly false man bashing statements are ‘par for the course’ on all feminist sites. The truth is pretty rare. Today, I offer no chivalry to feminised women. I treat them like I treat men. No special ‘benefits’ merely because they are women. Also, I see I have no obligations to feminised women. If I saw one being mugged I would not assist her, she has her feminised sisters and ‘big sister government’ to protect her, why should I? Men are, after all, worthless to feminised women, therefore we are not obliged to protect feminised women as we once were. As, indeed, I did all through my younger life.

Now I only date non-feminised women. By that I mean women who grew up behind the iron curtain. They know feminism was a curse, it was part and parcel of ‘communism’ because feminism is marxism/communism repackaged, just in case you don’t know. And guess what? Non-feminsed women still like chivalry. They like that I open doors, offer my coat in the cold, walk on the outside of the sidewalk if it is wet, pay for dinner, value their feminity, and am prepared to defend them physically should the need arise. If I saw a non-feminism woman being mugged I would come to her aid at my own personal risk, call me crazy. Non-feminised women are lovely to be around. I love the way they will stand there and wait for me to open the door for them even though they are perfectly able to do it themselves. I love the way they will learn what I like to eat and drink and then prepare it for me without being asked. It shows they care. And I show I care by being willing to be masculine and do the chivalrous thing. These women have their own incomes so it is not a case of me ‘doling out money to make me feel like a God’.

A great deal of chivalry is about protecting those who are physically weaker who are less able to protect themselves, money is not part of that equation. And since I am 187cm tall and 100kgs pretty much ALL women are less able to protect themselves than I am. I see almost no facts almost no truth on any feminist web sites……just brainwashing sexist generalisations like your comment above. In case you missed it, in times gone past most men were dirt poor. And also in case you missed it, there were women who had massive wealth and did exactly like the men before and after them did. Do Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria ring a bell? How about you women actually learn WHO are the MEN behind feminism. You might not be so willing to push the ideas of those MEN so hard if you knew what their REAL agenda was. Anyone here got any idea who the MEN behind feminism are? Or are you all unaware that feminism is run entirely by men?

It was reported that 4 detectives came over to Australia and interviewed all 40 Cronulla staff that were on the trip and no charges were laid. Ergo, no rape took place.

From all the articles I saw ‘Clare’ (who gets to make all these allegation with the benefit of secrecy and anonymity)has never at any time said that she was raped, nor has any person provided testimony that she at any time said ‘no’.

If she said ‘No’ and was being raped I have no doubt that many of the men in the room would intervene and would testify as to the rape. None of that is reported. No charges are laid. Ergo…No rape happened.

Is that a calm enough and logical argument for you? Or do you only like to quote more emotional comments from men to denigrate them?

“not ONE offered any substantive challenges to feminist arguments”
PS…I would be happy to have uncensored debate to debunk feminism. But you would have to agree that you do not get to exercise the power of censorship prior to the debate. Fundamentally, feminism is a belief system invented by men. I can prove it. There are whole books on this. Also, feminism is very destructive to society, I can prove this too. So, if you want ’substantive challenges to feminist arguments’ you have your ONE challenger…

oh…and a LOT of women are waking up to the poison feminism is… try It is very simple. ALL intelligent women who read the history of feminism and educate themselves find out that it is a societal poison created by men with the purpose of the destruction of society and they are fighting against it. Only trouble is there are very, very few intelligent women who take the time to question feminism. The Ladies Against Feminism are a small number of them. I wonder if there are any intelligent women here willing to educate themselves as to the history or feminism to discover the social poison that it is?

Don’t kill me in the stampede to get to the Amazing And Ultimate TRUTH ‘ladies’.

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