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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So my law exam is coming up in two weeks. A practical question, a case note and an essay. The essay could have been on Locke and labour theory (in which case I would have delighted in demolishing it with counterpoints from the overfarming of land in Australia amongst other things), but noooo…Bentham, Marx, Hohfield and Gray.

Bentham’s thing is utilitarianism…good society to him is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. He feels that if you protect the fruits of labour that subsistence and abundance will increase – for him a comparisonof feudal society and 19th century society shows the latter to be a more qual society as regards distribution of wealth, with greater access.

I’ve got a LOT of other study to do, but I’m just wondering if people have favourite articles that rip into utilitarianism? Anyone with say a fetish for the study of 19th century capitalist society that just brings Bentham undone? Any points they’d like to make to make this study-overloaded cookie think through counterpoints? Reading suggestions? Rants?

I’m asking since my focus has to be elsewhere – I can write a passable essay with my eyes closed – I’d like to do something more interesting, but in the meantime I’ve got to get my head around easements, covenants, profits a prendre and mortgages for the prac question and study a good twelve cases (and teach myself the art of making a good case notes).

Gaargh! SO MUCH READING TO DO! Also my body has decided to sabotage the whole production by keeping me awake and manic at night – I read a lecture at 1:30 this morning in a desperate attempt to knock myself outwith boredom. Only I’m a massive nerd, and it was interesting – and my brain was STILL a whirring hive of activity.


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