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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So fifteen Australians have been arrested for downloading video footage of an eight year old girl being raped. Given the searches by which people find me, this doesn’t surprise me – it would seem that every day people are searching for video footage of underage rapes online – more than just the ones who somehow get linked to my blog because it contains the word ‘fuck’.

None of the Australian men had any prior convictions of child sex offences. Which leads me to think that MRAs and their ‘If there was a rape AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE MEN would have stopped it’ is really them talking out their arses. Yes. There are *plenty* of decent men out there. But the guys who’ll watch rape, and the guys who will participate in it are not marked with the ‘face’ of a criminal, they aren’t necessarily pathological, they don’t necessarily leave clues like cutting up animals and setting fires to watch things burn, you know? So don’t pull your whole ‘someone would have stopped it/reported it’ crap here.

And in a story the SMH has thus far not deemed important enough to cover – at all as far as I can see, and certainly not in their headlines – a doctor has been shot dead because he performed late term abortions. Because pro-lifers respect life so much, dontcha know? So much that they’ll kill another human being, a man with friends, family. They respect life so much that they’ll murder to make their point that life is sacred. Pro life twitterer Rocky Malloy is solemnly declaring that: Pro-life was not served today with the death of Dr. George Tiller – no shit sherlock, and hi, he didn’t *die* fuckwit, he was fucking *murdered* by your peeps cos that’s how they roll. So, no, pro life was NOT served by a murder, but that’s the end result of the hate filled propaganda you dudes peddle.


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