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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Sylvio Berlusconi is having a tantrum. His wife went public over his alleged roving eye and his alleged tendancy at 72 to enjoy the aquaintance of 18 year old girls.

Berlusconi has, in the common parlance cracked the shits in an almighty way, demanding a public apology, getting sniffy that it may not be enough, expounding on how it’s not appropriate to discuss this sort of thing.

Now…this is Berlusconi, in the papers constantly for referring to Thatcher as a fine piece of pussy, for continually joking about Obama’s ‘tan’ in a way that suggests he has a bug up his arse, and for condescendingly shaking his head in the direction of those infuriated by his FUNNY FUNNY jokes about how rape would stop when there were less pretty women that he has a sense of humour, that he likes to joke about inappropriate things and thinks it’s best to take a light hearted approach to all things.

Hmm…where’s your lighthearted approach now?

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