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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So I seem to have lost some enthusiasm for the blogging. Just when I have come up with a couple of things I want to blog about I’ve got a massive amount of study to push through. So for now this:

Headlines of the day that pissed me off:

Paul Sheehan: The ABC’s Four Corners is one sided (Sheehan being the paragon of well balanced investigative journalism – with of course no agenda – has a bone to pick)

Iceland votes woman in to tidy up mess (No, Iceland did not vote in the hit new show So You Think You Can Tidy, or Iceland’s Got Cleaners, this would be a headline about Johanna Sigurdardottir, Iceland’s first female Prime Minister…and she’s apparently the first openly gay head of state. Nevermind, I’m sure that the editor did not mean to demean her achievements and imply that women are brought in as a last resort to clean up the mess the menfolk made on Sunday watching the footie…

Ok there were others but then my brain started whistling like a boiling kettle and I figured I had more productive things to do with my time than engage with same old same old ‘Chicks are just hot fuck holes…until they’re not and then they die, become invisible,become utterly worthless to us cos they’re not (and never were to us) real people’ crap.


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