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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok, two posts ago I think I wrote about Susan Boyle’s performance. About how I cried when for one moment there was an interruption of society’s harsh dismissal of women who don’t fascinate with their prettiness.

As I switched off the computer though I started thinking of the other side of that. That it *was* great for their jaws to hang, for them to leap to their feet, for them to be silenced and moved – but also you could argue that their reaction was *because* of misogyny as much as an interruption of it, a ‘God, isn’t that ugly old bag vaguely talented? Who the fuck would expect talent from that?’. I hate typing that as I feel infected with its nastiness, but that that was what was behind the ovations, the staggered praise was quite clear at the time and in the resultant writings (see Paul Sheehan’s article of yesterday’s date in which he slowly pores over an unflattering description of Ms Boyle and her life for reasons little connected to his ultimate *point* should anyone accuse him of having one in that article…more of a WOOHOO Costello will come save us and I KNOW IMPORTANT PEOPLE punctuation at the end rather than a point).

Then when I went looking for that article I saw that Sam de Brito might be trying to turn one of his OMG Sisters Are Doin It For THEMSELVES tricks, but can’t bring myself to read the resultant article after I saw this tagline: She Doesn’t Know Her Place: Susan Boyle was old, fat, dowdy and unemployed, yet she had sass. (Christ, it’s a miracle isn’t it that ONE old fat dowdy unemployed chick had an actual existence and a life and didn’t just top herself in despair!) I scan-read it, and for a brief moment I thought it might be vaguely useful before it descends into idiocy and ‘let’s hope she doesn’t start shagging Guy Ritchie’ and wow her life will be so much BETTER now that the ugly old cow has a bit of FAME, a bit of BALANCE to her otherwise invisible misery of a life.

Anyway, I digress, I found this, via Hoyden (thanks Tigtog, love your roundups.

Anyway, it poked me to keep writing on this a little more, on the misogyny not just in the derision and dismissal of Ms Boyle before her performance, but in the positive reaction (the OMG it’s a miracle, she’s like a FREAK but she can DO HUMAN STUFF) and then in the rush everyone is in to point out just how hideously ugly she is – I mean fuck. She’s not a beauty by societal standards, but who is? And But things like the greatest unibrow this side of Frieda Karlo…well no actually, unibrow is one. She does have two quite thick eyebrows, but that is not a unibrow. In the race to be cruel, people are not even being accurate. But there seems some relishing of drawing out ever more exquisitely cruel descriptions to then cast her as the battler that endured her life DESPITE her lack of conventional beauty rather than grasping the point that, hell, women, just like men, and no matter what they look like, are fully human.

Anyway…I am getting cranky again, and yet again better get back to work.


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