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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I’d not actually seen the Susan Boyle video til 5 minutes ago.

For one thing I HATE shows like Britain’s Got Talent, for another, I hate the messages they send, and well, in the end, who gives a fuck about some performance on some shitty show when you know people are starving right?

Well I’d just hi fived someone for their status update that they didn’t care about Susan Boyle, then saw another link and followed it through.

I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I cried by the end – this woman, nearly fifty, a woman damned instantly as unattractive by societal standards, this woman jeered at and laughed at for DARING to think she could sing while not being Cindy Crawford, this woman walked out on to the stage, did her thing, and opened her mouth and SANG, like really really SANG. And regardless of whether you think it was pitch perfect, it was beautiful, not just because she sang it quite well, but because she was a woman of an age that women are generally dismissed as irrelevant, and taking up valuable space that could be filled by some pole dancing ‘hottie’.

She wanted to sing, she wanted her moment in the sun and she was one of the first people to make me think that Britain may indeed have some talent locked away somewhere.

But it was not about the song – it was this woman who would be used to being discounted by society as some faceless nameless unimportant ‘ugly old bat’, this woman who knew how much she would be mocked and dismissed, she stood there and endured the catcalls. And for one brief moment a culture that reduces women’s worth to youthful beauty, to tits and arse, to airbrushed availability sat with their fucking dissing mouths hanging wide open. A culture that refuses to listen to women in general, and will *listen* only if they’re writhing along a pole being appropriately sexy and saying all the things they want to hear stood and applauded this woman for having the courage to risk total humiliation BEFORE she started and to sing, and to shut them up completely.

It really was kind of awesome.


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