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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Sitting here, big ole atheist me on ‘good Friday’ (which always strikes me as totally disrespectful if you believe in Jesus. He really was not having a good day) drinking coffee and thinking about my folks in church right now and the symbolism that was used around Easter that I sometimes miss from Anglican services etc, and I stumbled across this story.

Michelle Obama planting a vege garden on the grounds of the White House with local primary students.

If Easter is allegedly symbolised by eggs, bunnies and baby chickens because of new and possible lives, then is it totally sucky for me to see this as a rather beautiful (and non-religious) illustration of that celebration of possible life? Here is the first black ‘First Lady’ doing this grass roots (no pun intended) community work by getting down on the ground with the Secretary of Agriculture and a whole bunch of school kids.

Mrs. Obama stressed that the garden was an easy — and inexpensive — way for families to get fruits and vegetables into their diet.

I just really love that where sometimes people talk about how poor people could/should grow veggies to save money/eat better, that here we have it happening in the White House you know? Where it’s not financially necessary, where there are no concerns about being able to afford the fruit and veggies your kids need, where there might be a way to stimulate some interest in a non preachy kind of way.

Or I could just be a total sucker?

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