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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

It’s so fucking rainy right now my son keeps asking in a mildly agitated voice whether I’m sure it’s not a monsoon.

I mean it’s pelting out there. Happily each of these alleged ‘monsoons’ lasts about ten minutes before settling into regular heavy rain, interspersed with patches of drizzle and even the occasional non rain periods where you still get wet when you walk anywhere in my area since all the lovely trees like to trap as much water as the can, then release that at you in a big, soggy and surprisingly voluminous sneeze when the wind rips through.

I’m also kind of unwell so I don’t know how to combat what seems an incredibly deeply felt screaming biological dictate to just NOT GO OUTSIDE.

I wake up each morning, hear the rain then just have NO motivation to go to work. I look out the window and like a bear looking outside a cave assessing the conditions I give a slow grunt that smacks of ‘well fuck it, it’s time to hibernate for the next three months’.

Unlike the bear however I do not (despite some valiant efforts of late) have enough body fat stored to get me through the winter, and unlike the bear I am expected to sit in an office chair and at least appear to be paying attention no matter what the weather or season. I’m feeling like of the two of us I got the bum deal, though presumably no one is going to chase me with a rifle and display my pelt on their lounge room floor, so I should try to cope.

But honestly. What the fuck is that urgent about our lives and jobs and schooling that it makes going out in that weather a good idea?


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