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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

My ears are ringing. I *know* I should know by now, but I’m staggered anew at just how fucking misogynist and judgmental and retrograde Sam in the City is.


Blah Women Ruled By Hormones. Blah oxytocin: One Hormone to Rule Them All. Blah SLUTTLYSLUTTLYSLUTBAGS – they ALWAYS get what they deserve. Blah caveman philosophy: Women Who Like Sex Are Slutty Lifesucking Lying Bitches (as opposed to the other chicks who are Frigid Lifesucking Lying Bitches). Blah blah slutshaming blah. Blah follow stupid rules to get desired results, blah hormonal destiny and women never knowing their own mind, blah false attributions of cause (sex on first date) and effect (CALAMITY!SHAME!MEN BEHAVING LIKE PRICKS!) pulled out of her arse.Blah blah feminism making us sluts and leading to our precious princess heartsies getting squished:

Yet despite how much feminism hoopla exists around the subject, and no matter how many times we are told that women needn’t be afraid of putting themselves out there if the chemistry is right, the lighting is good and he paid for her dinner [oh boy did feminists ever NOT say that shit!] (even if it is the first date, the first encounter or with a complete stranger), there are unfortunately some grave emotional consequences …[for women who are doing what they’re told by ‘advice columnists’ and playing manipulation games rather than doing what feminists advise and having sex IF AND WHEN AND HOWEVER THE FUCK you feel like it]

Then she invites us to take the ’30 day no sex challenge’. Quite frankly I’d rather take the fucking All Bran Challenge, and that’s saying something since that shit tastes like carpeted cardboard.


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