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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So ‘David’ has been around getting in my face about how men are really the violence victims in society (never mind that when you look at it they’re also the fucking perpetrators!!).

No no, in David-land it’s one giant matriarchal conspiracy.

And also, David apparently knows the feminist communities better than I do. He uses this knowledge to assure me that in a search for ‘proof’ that feminists care about violence against men as well as against women I’ll only ever find feminist blogs ridiculing violence against men…sure where you’re pulling dodgy stats out of your arse that say the ‘real problem’ of domestic violence is that women beat men ALL THE TIME AND WAY MORE THAN THE OTHER WAY AROUND AND IT’S WAY MORE SERIOUS we’ll mock you but that’s not the same thing dickhead. Also let’s assume we DO care about violence against boys and men, a/ because we’re generally leftwing pinkos who care about shit like that and b/ cos IF NOTHING ELSE the masculine culture of violence is self perpetuating. We care when you kick the shit out of each other cos it results in more surly manly men with anger issues and a higher likelihood that as usual women and children will pay the price for the giant chips on your shoulders.

But if anyone can be arsed engaging with this fuckwit (who by the way has been spammed, I’m not going to have arguments with idiots) by providing links in the comments, go ahead. Me? Busy working, studying, raising a boy child (thought OBVIOUSLY as a feminist I would be super *pleased* if my wonderful son had the shit kicked out of him cos FEMINISTS DON”T CARE ABOUT VIOLENCE DIRECTED AT BOYS/MEN – if my son was physically/emotionally broken by the fucked up masculinity of patriarchy I’d tip my shrew head back and roar with LAUGHTER, cos I’m a FEMINIST, not a mother!!) trying to be a good human being and friend and lover (oh YEAH, come to think of it I really hope someone lays some fucked up violence on my wonderful lover, cos he’s a MAN, and FEMINISTS DON’T CARE!! What do *I* care if this wonderful, beautiful man is annihilated in a shit attack of random violence with no explanation that primarily happens FROM MEN and WITH NO REASON???). I don’t care to spend time finding *evidence* of something that is evident when reading ninety percent of all feminist work (that we care) that idiot MRAs will refute with a ‘suuuuuuure’, or something similarly vacuous.

David? I told you once to go fuck yourself, and I meant it. I’m not your fucking research assistant. Have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.


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