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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

The female prosecutor running the Josef Fritzl trial has just been called a ‘female Harry Potter’ (hat tip to Spanky for pointing out this article).

The opening statement from the slim, black-haired lawyer, whose glasses and black robe give her a passing resemblance to a sort of female Harry Potter, was hailed by the Austrian media as being fit for Hollywood.

Oh. The black robe that all legal counsel wear you mean???

So, does the defence lawyer look like Darth Vader then? Sounds mildly fucking appropriate.

So there’s a woman in a robe and you’re disussing:

Her looks

Her ‘child-like-ness’

That she’s ‘fit for Hollywood’ (WOOWOO, give up your amazing legal career and this trial where you’re going to take down a very very bad father NOW, and shoot an action movie ‘baby’, maybe you could even score a Playboy spread while you’re at it. CHRIST can you imagine? “Harry Potter goes BAD – work our WANDS baby!!!”)

Despite her youth [she’s 33 thanks – you don’t NORMALLY hesistate to define that as Old Bag Age] and relative inexperience [please provide evidence of such], the court in Sankt Poelten decided to leave Burkheiser in charge of the case [yes, and she’s going to WIPE THE FLOOR with Rudolf the Oh So Experienced Defence Lawyer and Fritzl will go away for a long long time].

She had passed her exams as both lawyer, judge and public prosecutor and had also worked as a mediator. [So I guess she’s not all that green is she??]She is also a qualified sign language translator.[Nice segueway…WTF is your point?]

Fuck. Forgive my inability to get the formatting under control here (last two paras quotes from SMH article)

“Fritzl face up to crimes – Austrian forced to watch testimony from raped daughter” is the headline that takes you to this article

“Shame-faced Fritzl forced to watch daughter’s rape testimony”

“Forced”? Let’s talk about comparitive force, and shame for that matter. He forced his daughter to submit to his continual rape of her, he forced her to bear his children, he forced her to live in a dank basement, he forced her to deal with his abduction of some of those children. Sorry if I don’t care that he’s ‘forced’ to watch her testimony – and its not ‘force’ so much as the inevitable outcome of HIS actions. I think it is absolutely the wrong focus for any article on this matter, and I don’t care how much ‘shame’ you import into his facial expressions. He might have wanted to feel shame much earlier and you know STOP. If he felt shame over *what he did* then he could long ago have sought help/topped himself, so to me? It appears he’s only feeling the SHAME of the world SEEING what he did, of being caught, of being DISCOVERED. Excuse me if I don’t give a flying fuck.


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