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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

May I suggest that this dude really needs to think about gender as it relates to safety, violence, stalking and fear?

He has a work up which is based on a full day he spent following a woman and taking photos, ‘pretending he was a terrorist’, playing little boy games of spying and ‘fun’.(In the end he worked from one photo which makes you wonder if any of the rest of it was anything other than the self indulgent wankings of a grown man being clueless about the real world and pretending he’s just a naughty little boy).

He selected this woman because of her “wonderful clean hair” (ok) and has previously done works reflecting on a guy who apparently used to run up to women and chop off their ponytails and keep them. Haha, harmless ‘hijinks’, just some random taking a woman’s hair and keeping it, nothing at all creepy about that. Let’s celebrate it, cos I’m sure the women were amused and fine with it!

He’s ‘not worried about what the police might think’ about this latest jaunt. But he might feel ‘sheepish’ if the subject knew. But in her position he’d be “amused to think I hadn’t caught them”.

Dude? Listen to me now: If you follow a woman around all day? If she finds out later? Chances are that she will NOT be amused. If you’d said ‘Hey I’m an artist, do you mind if one day in the next two weeks I trail you around like a creepy Where’s Wally?’ and she’d agreed, then ok. But she didn’t, and essentially if you get your head out of your arse for a moment and see things from the unknowing person’s perspective you were stalking her. Following her. A man, following a woman all across the city. For art.

But not all life is art is it?  And even if the ‘punchline’ amused someone tht does not take away all the fear and concern you could have caused during the day. And I’m sorry but as a woman who is extremely aware of being alone/followed I would NOT find that amusing. In fact I would be terrified if I suspected, cos HEY, women live in a world where THE LAST THING they’d think if they spotted a guy following them is ‘Oh, he must be a harmless artist having a little aroused giggle at how sneaky and stealthy and naughty he is’.

Women aren’t your props dude. Get a new hobby.


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