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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Fashion ‘writer’ Mindy Laube banging on about yucky yucky fat.

Ms Laube makes what she seems to think is a compelling aesthetic ‘argument’ for loudly proclaiming (no really, in bolded capitals) that the average woman in Australia is 5’4″ and a size 14, and announces that that is (always and uncontrivertibly and in EVERY CASE) “FAT!” and goes on to expound on how disgusting fat is.

Apparently (based on the school photos of Ms Laube) we’ve, as a nation ‘let oursevles go’ and have gotten WAAAAAAAAAAY fatter!

There were NO overweight boys when SHE was growing up  and only ONE fat girl and ONE fat teacher! QED. (What are you taking lessons in logic from Sam in the City???)

Here’s an idea: if you wanna pull a stat out of your arse, then in order to ‘prove’ the big differences between now and then maybe you ought to COMPARE YOUR STATS ACRSS TIME instead of let us collectively wade through your fucking YEAR BOOK for evidence, fool!

She drops clangers such as weight comes from sloth and gluttony, and teenage girls with bellies in bikinis are a symptom of a majorly upsetting societal ill that only Ms Laube has the intestinal fortitude to tackle: We’re LACKING VANITY!!!

Mindy Laube? SHUT THE FUCK UP!


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