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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

It started by seeing this photo:wtf_sweet-baby-jesuslinked to over at bluestherapy, and my promise to take this phrase up as a blasphemy, and followed the course of my inevitable demise when I followed the pic back to the site (Look I found you some Crazy – Picture is Unrelated) and being reasonably meh about most of the photos, a vague half smile here or there, and then in my sleepy boredom being caught off guard by this:

wtf_pictures-party-familyand I’ve JUST. EFFING. LOST IT. Seriously. I went down like a bag of giggling shit. I squealed with laughter until my son came out to check on me thinking I was wailing – then I laughed more until tears came and all sound except this weird little clicking noise had ceased. And still I laughed.

I would warrant it’s mostly over-tired hysteria, but even now I can’t look at it again without laughing. The whole scene. WTF happened at this family dinner to get grandma boogying, dad dropping the daks, mum laughing in an I’m-not-gonna-stop-you way…and then, that kid, hyped but ignoring the adult idiocy and just fucking ROCKING OUT. Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans. He’s so great. He’s like a mini Owen Wilson or Jack Black or something just totally flying his freak flag and bellowing his anthem for all to hear. And WHO was left sober enough to take the photo of all this??

Oh god! (Wipes eyes). Night kids.


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