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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

The Good

Simon Thomson discussing openly the misogyny in the food world, and praising female chefs.

The Bad

Roosters player Anthony Cherrington assaulted his girlfriend, threatened to kill himself with a knife, told her he’d knock her out, then called her a slut and a whore in a later incident in which he destroyed a lot of her property…but now he’s ‘very very sorry’. Excuse me if I don’t give him a fucking cookie til he does better than ‘sorry’ after he’s caught, until he learns to change his mother fucking attitude about women.

The Ugly

My boss just doing his absolute NUT over the idea that a transgendered person could be ‘allowed’ to teach children. He saw this as the transgendered person ‘imposing their lifestyle’ on children and eventually asked me ‘Where is the line? Do we let paedophiles teach children? They’d say it’s an expression of their sexuality’.

The good thing about this workplace is when I then let him have it with both barrells and get right up in his face with my loud and angry counterarguments and he KNOWS I make more sense than him and he KNOWS I’m furious, I don’t get fired. And he tries to think it through. I’d still like to shout at him some more, but he’s off having a cigarette and pondering my points.

DARN TOOTIN you’ll ponder fuckwit!!

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