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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok, wow…

Given it was International Women’s Day on the 7 March 2009, the Vatican (that bastion of Equal Opportunity in the workplace) decided it had something to say:

The washing machine has had a greater liberating role for women than the pill, the official Vatican daily said in an International Women’s Day commentary.

I think I just made that noise Austin Powers makes when confronted one on one with the mole on The Mole’s face…Uhhh-buhhhhrrr??

Cos you know I’ve been operating my laundry activities from a publicly available coin operated washing machine for years, and fucked if I’m going to leave my pill lying around like that only taking it when it’s available and no one else is using it.

Don’t get me wrong, having a nice machine of my very own would lead to my clothes not having that white fluff streaky stuff on them, and would save me having to roll sticky stuff across my clothes every now and then, which DOES shit me, still leaving me free however to have a full and active life, a career, a study career, be a mum, a friend, a girlfriend and a budding exercise addict.

But the PILL stops me from having the babies, babies I woud then have to feed, clothe, listen to and raise, provide for financially, have enough energy for, not have a meltdown when they were all crying/wanting something…and WASH MORE FUCKING SHEETS.

Honestly? I think I’ll take the white shit on my clothes over my uterus falling out, my body ending up broken and me impersonating the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe by bringing another child into this tiny apartment every time I have sex! And believe it or not Catholic Church/Bettina Arndt, that is pretty fucking frequently (though the absence of the pill, even in the presence of a superb washing machine might soon put paid to that!).

Also…IT’S MY BODY! Pregnancy and childbirth tax the ever loving SHIT out of women’s bodies. Don’t you think I ought to have a say in *when* I’m willing to let something grow itself in my body and off my energy and resources? That given that I honestly thought I was going to be ripped in half by childbirth that I should get a say in whether I’m willing to expend that much energy, and go through that much pain and put up with the healing/strengthening period and the back problems I got last time that haven’t gone away in twelve years?

And I have things to do, I’m a busy woman, if I have fucked my back up more, and am popping out a kid a year, and need to go to work to provide financially and also be home to supervise small kiddies don’t you think that might affect my ability to get done the things I need to get done, to work, study, raise the one child I do have. And to wash the fucking sheets in a coin operated machine…


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