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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So obviously the Catholic Church did not heed my advice to shut the fuck up, more’s the pity.

They’re still banging on about how the abortion performed on a 9 year old girl who was raped by her stepfather (having been sexually abused by him since the age of SIX) is EVIL, and CONTRARY TO THE LAW OF GOD.

How’s about you save your rants on evil for the STEPFATHER dickwads!?

There is an 11 year old girl in hospital SEVEN MONTHS pregnant to her 51 year old adoptive father. Did you read in yesterday’s article the evidence of how much physical damage pregnancy and childbirth can cause in children this young? Oh, but that’s ok, let’s let this baby rip her apart from the insides, after all that’s her duty after she was raped by a 51 year old according the Catholic Church – that’s just how much God values the little children. FUCK OFF.

Oh, and of course the 51 year old says he ‘had sex with’ (well she’s 11, so it’s rape fuckface) her at her request.

Here is an idea: even IF a young child says “Hey old man, have sex with me please”, say NO. If you can’t manage to do that, take yourself out the back and shoot yourself for the sake of humanity.

To people who use that BULLSHIT excuse, just fuck off and die.


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