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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Headline in SMH:

Chris Brown charged over Rihanna ‘assault’

So…WHICH part requires the speech bubbles/scare quotes?

Rihanna WAS assaulted, we know this.

Chris Brown WAS charged with assault.

The charge of assault WAS in relation to the assault on Rihanna.

Therefore, it’s well and truly safe to say: Chris Brown charged over Rihanna assault.

Full stop. Then end. No further correspondence or punctuation need be entered into.

He WAS charged over the Rihanna assault. He was charged WITH ASSAULT over it.

The sentence reads as if the part in doubt is Rihanna’s assault, since we KNOW he was charged with assault, so you just don’t need scare quotes.

Like yesterdays headline: 9 year old ‘incest victim’…what did she rape and impregnate herself? I guess in this case you’re talking about something that has yet to be legally proven, but you could still phrase it so that what ISN’T in doubt is her claims…and fuck people SHE’S PREGNANT.

What about 9 year old’s abortion draws fire? No, no incest in the headline gets hits, particularly next to nine years old. Let’s go for sensationalism and at the same time cast doubt over her claims.

I hate a lot of people this week.


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