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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So I’ve been sick for a while, and I got stir crazy and started listlessly flipping through a food mag when I found a recipe in an old Vogue mag for Ratatouille. It turns out this particular recipe is the one they based the Ratatouille dish at the end of Ratatouille the movie on (well so they said). I thought it might be a good way to get the kids interested in cooking and eating vegies.

Honestly? I had NO IDEA it would work that well. They helped out with cooking, they ate vegetables they normally HATE, without complaints, and took second helpings. There was really nothing in there that my son liked (or so he thought) but well it proved what we all knew, that if they’d just put stuff in their mouth without going “Ewww YUCK” first they’d probably like it.

I just need to convince Pixar to make movies about carrots being fun to eat and I’m set.
Anyway, from memory this is the recipe: (WAIT:I can’t believe I forgot the roasted capsicum the first time!!!)


4 capsicum, roasted in oven til skin blisters, cooled, peeled and cut into thin strips

2 eggplants sliced about 1/2 cm thick

4 zucchini about same

1 Litre passata or tomato puree

stacks of tomato sliced around the same thickness


chunk o gruyere


Whack the passata on the bottom of the dish, the eggplant, then the zuchinni, the capsicum, then the tomato, then the crumbs/cheese/herbs mixture.

I’d layer the tomato and maybe the sweet sweet capsicum through the other vegies more, cook it down at around 170 for an hour, use more herbs and maybe chuck in some parmesan for some more bite…but YUM!!! We found that in a big arsed baking dish we had a bit too much in the way of veggies, so maybe two small eggplants, and three zuchinni and three capsicum?

But seriously? It’s apparently a magic-making-kids-eat-veggie recipe and is Comfort Food on a par with Mac and Cheese and not half as grossly clogging. Plus…nutrients!


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