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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Once at a party many many years ago, my then boyfriend was showing off a teeny tiny device he called an EMPEETHREEPLAYER. I was fascinated. “What does it DO?” I wondered. Turns out this device held and played music. Like LOTS. (Really? It’s so TINY. And how does it get ON THERE?). Way more than the CDs I’d just started to buy to replace my great tape collection.

I said ‘Wow…I just got used to the cd player’. Given they’d been out about a decade, a nearby friend said ‘You’re still walking around with a ghetto blaster on your shoulder, aren’t you?’. Yep. That sums up my technology-related knowledge on all fronts I think.

I have had this blog for 16 months. People have told me they can’t comment without a WordPress login.

It was only today when I admitted that I had no idea what to do about that that some very lovely bloggers over at Hoyden came to my rescue and showed me how to (very easily) remedy said problem. Sigh.

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