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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Most of the nation has been frozen with shock at the plight of families who’ve lost their lives/homes/loved ones/friends.

Not this raving idiot fuckknuckle jerkoff charged with bringing us all God’s wonderful love and justice and mercy.

No, no, this man with the special relationship to the God of love and compassion thinks 173 people have been burnt alive because Victoria decriminalised abortion.

Fuck. You. You. Total. Monster.

If there *is* an omnipotent god interested in justice, who dishes out punishment for sins then YOU, you giant fuckface will be denied entry into the ‘heaven’ you’ve spent your life trying to get into. You make me sick.

AND while we’re at this, if god can ‘withdraw his protection’ from a country due to sin, then WHERE WAS HE when Aboriginal babies were murdered? Where was he during the massacres? Where was he during the Stolen Generations? During withheld wages and the raping of Indigenous women.

Sounds very much like Convenient Theory for YOU day.

You say you’re in the area handing out disaster relief? You should stay the hell away from these people with those views. The Red Cross can give them blankets and foods WITHOUT the sideserve of hateful bullshit.


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