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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

The biggest thing I’ve learnt from my blog and the searches by which it is found:

People seem to be VERY fascinated with the crotches of gymnasts. Every day someone (or multiple someones) find me with a variation of this themes such as

gymnist crotch shot

gymanst crutch

gymnastic crotch (the mind boggles doesn’t it)

As you can see these people have a loose grasp of spelling – or maybe they wanted to see a gymnast on crutches. Doesn’t seem all that likely though does it?

They also seem to want to see them YOUNG please. Now I’ve not seen all that many forty year old gymnasts, but I think ‘underage gymnast crotch’ tells us all we need to know about our googler does it not?

Also, of all my posts, many of which have been more well written/funnier/more topical, the one I wrote on SMH publishing the crotch shot of an allegedly underage gymnast while referring to a ‘probe into’ her gets far more hits than any other. I suspect this has little to do with indignation over the objectification of women’s/young girl’s bodies.

Still, although it’s tedious it doesn’t make me cry as much as when my blog is found by searches for ‘Asian choke fuck’. Yep. Once or twice a week.


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