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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So, I read this, and I think I’m going to have to go and breathe into a brown paper bag. Henderson pulls out all stops on this piece of shit: Oh, but they’re PALE SKINNED!!! Oh, but they have IRISH fore-bears! OH but they don’t mention their other ancestors in doing welcome to country (probably because the Irish never OWNED this land fuck-knuckle).Oh but it’s OHHH-VERRR so what’s this discussion of Invasion Day (nice logic, but it was an invasion, and no matter how much you apologise, even if you ACTUALLY made amends – hasn’t happened yet – you don’t get to rewrite history or pretend it was NOT an invasion).

He sets rights advocacy as directly obstructing practical help, he *diagnoses* (being what? The neutral expert observer) that we’d all best move forward by embracing the inclusive patriotism**of Australia Day than by moving Australia Day to a day NOT celebrating white invasion.

My favourite piece of inflammatory troll-logic:

Any frank conversation about the appropriate date for Australia Day would have to take account of the fact that, in Mick Dodson’s terminology, many indigenous Australians have ancestors who were both invaders and the invaded. Such a discussion would also have to record that, far from leading their world to come crashing down, many indigenous Australians would not be around today but for their non-indigenous ancestors.

So now the technical fact that it takes two to make an embryo means you don’t have a legitimate complaint about the invasion, the theft of land, the genocide, slavery, apartheid (oh we didn’t call it that but we fucking KNOW it was), lower life expectency…shall I continue? Also, I note he didn’t address the number of children born from white men raping Indigenous women…

More delightful quotes:

Likewise, no truthful person would deny the disadvantage suffered by the descendants of those who were here in 1788 when Governor Arthur Phillip arrived.

Certainly some Aborigines, particularly those in the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia and northern Queensland, can trace their ancestry back to those living here in 1788. However, the same cannot be said for many Aborigines in the capital cities, country towns and communities which are not remote.

So you don’t suffer racism in a rascist society unless you can trace your roots to 1788?? Hmm…I seem to remember discussions of lack of record keeping as a deliberate strategy to obscure access to information for Indigenous parents seeking to find their children (that leaving aside the fact that this logic is FUCKED UP in the first place).

I’m at work so I have to go concentrate on avoiding a rage induced aneurism, but I just thought I’d take this opportunity to say Gerard Henderson, you are a deliberately misleading, bigoted old bastard.

And this “wave of patriotism” he’s so keen to applaud**? The flag wearing, beer drinking hooliganism we’ve never needed much encouragement towards? Yeah, I feel real fucking optimistic about the power for positive reform there.

**   See the first time I read this, I’d not heard about yesterday’s incident over at Manly. After reading this I’m even more appalled by Henderson’s article and logic. That was the ‘inclusive patriotism’ of yesterday he was referring to?? Yeah, ‘If you’re white and you know it clap your hands’ is so damned inclusive we should teach it to school kids to perform on Harmony Day. Fucking hell.


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