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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

First up, I would love this blog for it’s name alone – to turn a shitty pop song demeaning women and their place in life, and what they’re ever worth to their partners: “Don’t Ya Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me”, (ie, your girlfriends a raggedy old sexless dog turd and you’re with her from your sense of tired put-upon masculine nobility [poor menz], but secretly you wish that she was a hot sixteen year old, and personality traits/strenghts/weaknesses be damned, fuck your history, you wants teh sex with the pornified barely legal chicks!) into Don’t Ya Wish Your Girlfriend Was Smart Like Me? I love it, and in my opinion, that (the *up yours* of it, the cheek, and the valuing of wit and intelligence) is way hotter than some jumped up pop tart wannabe.

Second, I love the posts I’ve read – I don’t get enough time for reading admittedly, but what I’ve read I have enjoyed immensely, and often wished I had written them myself.

This particular post – well I love me a blog post that juxtaposes two sets of laws/circumstances to highlight galling hypocrisy and the staggeringly comprehensive patriarchal control of society. You can buy a gun, yes, you can watch a child strip for your hard-on in public, but sorry, you can NOT buy a vibrator!

Regarding my own blogging, I’ve been a slacker, sorry.  Trying to get my head around 2009 and trying to take it easy while I can.

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