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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Hmm…so I’ll be away for a bit and will not be posting/checking in/going anywhere NEAR the internet, and much as I loves me net-access, I’m saying a giant WOOO-HOOOO to that prospect!!!

Off for seven days of beachy goodness.

Have bags to pack tonight, and clothes to dry, and a unit to restore order to (as it’s currently in a disarrayed state with presents strewn in piles here and there, suitcases cluttering the living room and various articles of clothing and a tiny pop up tent drying in the bathroom – cos every holiday needs a tiny pop up tent).

I survived Christmas, and no one went ape-shit over family stuff. My sisters and I enjoyed a little quiet passive-aggressive smart-arse-ery here and there, me shouting ‘LIES’ out of Dad’s earshot as he made crap up to entertain his son-in-law, and me getting a dig in when Dad mentioned a cousin of ours who ‘needs a kick up the arse’ by dropping in a wry ‘Yeah, there’s a lot of that going around’. But other than some haughty stares and flinching here and there we got through it and enjoyed those things we love about Christmas with each other…

I didn’t sleep much though and the place was mega dusty so I was itchy, snuffly and headachey the whole trip. I don’t know what to do with that…I’d be up more if the place was cleaner as I have allergies and my son has allergies that trigger his really rather serious chronic asthma…but how do you say that to an already sad/depressed Mum? Sheesh.

Went shopping with littlest sis where we both squinted in the harsh lights and shrank under the bombardment of images of maniacally enthusiastic airbrushed 16 year olds, or pouting ‘rock chick’ goddesses and tried to remember what it was we’d come to buy and that we weren’t hideously ugly bushpigs. Shit shopping is hard work sometimes.

So this morning I’d booked in for a haircut…more of a trim really, I’m not one for maintenance of hairstyles and usually go once a year and ask them to cut off the dead ends and skip all the ‘extras’ such as shampooing/blowdrying as I just wanna go home, wash it, do it as usual and see how it looks…but today I looked at my tired pale face and thought ‘fuck this shit’. So  now my hair is cut quite short, and kinda curls around my face and has highlights in it…I’m never too sold on the idea of ‘foils’ but we’ll see. My hair is kind of a deepish brown with dark goldy-brown highlights…it was fun to say ‘Hang the expense, knock yourself out’ on the spur of the moment.

Anyway…where am I going with this post? Absolutely fucking nowhere…

But I did watch two shows last night…the first was Rain Shadow which intrigued me from the beginning with its sparcity (is that a word?)…all long pausing shots of scenery/wildlife, and following vehicles, and quiet pauses and some very classy cinematography. It’s an understated little show, and to me highlighted what can be good about Aussie cinema – that slow drawn out hook that makes you wonder where you’re being lead, but you don’t mind where because you’re interested enough to follow wherever. There were some stereotypes of country folk being relied upon I guess, but it also got at some of the kind of hard-edged mannerisms of some Australian folk, with single sentences dropped like bombs in ways that clearly did not invite further discussion even as they divulged quite shocking personal disclosures…watching the ‘new girl’  from the city adjust to this and take it in her stride was interesting. I liked her ripost to a sleazy country vet that “When I decide to become a prostitute? It WON’T be for a couple of x-rays and some heavy lifting!”.

I also loved Rachel Ward. She *almost* tipped too far into ‘I’m such an enigmatic and cool tough-arsed country chick’, but so far teetered just far enough on the right side for me to dig her smart-arsed quips.

Anyway, it was a nice meander and still left me none the wiser as to where it would go, but I’d like to keep  watching.

And then we had McLeod’s Daughters which I watched with Mum to keep her company. First it should now be called McLeod’s Neice’s Good Mate and Co since the daughters have long since buggered off (well one died, but you know, they kill off half the cast). Second…GAARGH. Hamfisted overacting, cliches out the wahzoo, alternating bland and saccharine dialogue…and just the utter extreme OPPOSITE of Rain Shadow, even though both were allegedly about drought-stricken country life. It made my headache a gazillion times worse. And yep – emotional manipulation. (My sisters have never forgiven me for telling them I didn’t want to see I Am Sam as I’d heard it was total emotional manipulation – I stand by it).

My sister and I revisited the idea of a younger, drunker version of  Margaret and David’s At The Movies. I still think it would work. I hated The Majestic and she loved it, I loved The Royal Tenenbaums and she LOATHED it. In my vision for this show, we’d sit around drinking red and getting increasingly incensed at each other’s dismissal of our respective favoured movies until we started hurling abuse and eventually furniture at each other. I see this being a hit! Plus we have overlaps, so it wouldn’t ALL be drunken violence.

Anyway…that’s my world for now, I’m off to pack. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beach times!


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