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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

The SMH is reporting that one grumpy architect hates the new design for the extension to the Museum Of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay:


and says it’s attention seeking, jarring and ‘too obvious’…which is odd since he’s said it doesn’t respond to its surrounds or take account of its sandstone surronds of The Rocks. Meh.

Areas grow and change. Yes, it’s in front of The Rocks, but also part of Circular Quay, fronting a dynamic harbour with a couple of iconically unusually designed structures (Bridge and Opera House anyone?). It’s also the design for the Museum of Contemporary Arts, not The Museum of Ye Olde StoneMasons For the Preservation of Tradition at all costs. (Lucky…MYOSMPTaac? Not the catchiest acronym)

I give it the tick of approval. If only they could remove that shonky shopping mall clock tower in the background. Bleurgh!

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