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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

The oh but my best mates/girlfriends are Jewish defence to anti semitic ‘in jokes’. Hey toolbag, it’s an ‘in joke’ you rich white kids have at the expense of Jews, it’s still anti-Semitic. I really hope you get expelled.

Sam de Brito discusses the female orgasm with his usual finesse and knowledge – ie none. Particular winner is the point at which after complaining about the headache of being with a woman who comes to quickly he then utterly bags out women who ‘take forever’. Jeez, we’re sorry our bodies are such a burden to you men. Feel free to turn gay and you know, piss off.

‘A Soft Subversion’ continues to think s/he knows what deconstruction is despite the fact that rather than deconstructing what’s there s/he just adds her/his own convenient meaning. See how an attempt to be inclusive for those who MAY desire long fingernails inside them a la every fucking lesbian porn scene around gets interpreted as a repressed subject disavowing her desire to be cut, cut, cut. Marvel at the similarities in logic between SS (or should that be aSS) and, say a rapist: Oh YOU don’t get to define what you want! I KNOW you want to be hurt. Revel in the fact that this fuckwit is now spammed from my site. Join me in a collective UP YOURS! (If every move I make, every word I speak is just food for you to cherry pick your way into another analysis of my repression, and you won’t allow any dialogue then I’m done pretending your words are of any use here…oh, and I’ve met deconstructionists and psychoanalysts who know their shit, and you are neither)

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