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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Why spam A Soft Subversion when this provides us with an opportunity for a little mishievous Xmas fun??

A $25 book voucher to the best piss take/take down of A Soft Subversion’s approach to deconstruction/analysis of my posts. By this I mean a reasonably comprehensive one.

Since the reason I’m not doing one myself is lack of time, I’m guessing we’re all in the same boat, so I’m not thinking I’ll be inundated with entries, so I’ll open up a new category:

Runner up prizes (um, my love and admiration and a certificate made by myself and my son that we will scan and put up on this site…yeah, ok, you’re doing it for the honour) for the five best single smart-arse points (um that’s five prizes, one each for single points – oh shit, quick analyse me, a disclaimer or what regular people call clarification) made over any idiocy in either of aSS’s last two posts. My measure is subjective. If you make me hoot, stamp my feet and clap my hands you’re a shoe in, and if we ever meet I shall buy you a large malted beverage of your choice.

Oh, yeah…if I don’t get entries for the long pisstake, I’ll send the book voucher to the funniest most stinging single point pisstake. Hurrah for books.

If you don’t mind I’m going to crawl off and die of hayfever.

Oh yeah, submit all entries as comments on this thread.

Careful to make them about the arguments and approach and not the person. I know I’ve called this person an obnoxious wanker, and I believe that adequately describes their behaviour, but I don’t actually hate them and don’t want a hate fest here…I just think that if we can’t comment there and s/he is not engaging here, just posting more fucking “analysis”, we may as well have some fun…

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