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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

In relation to this article it might be easier to make a bullet point list of things in it and connected to it that are shitting me off than to attempt an articulate post:

* The “Haw haw, poor men. They’re simple creatures who just want to know how to talk to unicorns, women, girls. But the girls is so TRICKSY and complicated. Who can helps us???” crap in the article

* The fact that a major newspaper runs this on their front page. The kid did a class assigment. How is it news?

* The fact that the article alleges this kids book will bring the help that men need: he’s nine for fuck’s sake.

* That his teacher and principal suggested it be published “You know what the world doesn’t have ENOUGH of little Alec? This kind of Girls Are Strange, Here’s How To Talk In Their Crazy Language crap. Let’s reward your sexist observations (that we could have nipped in the bud) and publish you dross. (Ok, yes, he’s nine, but for real? I blame the school and the publishers…did they offer to publish other better stories? Does this show ANY writing talent? No)

* The wierdness of a nine year old advising to be the smartest boy in class because then the girls will be ‘prowling at your feet’. Anyone else sickened by the image of 9 year old girls prowling at the feet of boys?

* That the SMH sifts through this crap and highlights this child’s *observation* that girls win most of the arguments and have most of the power. No fucking coincidence that this is the section they highlight, Right on target for Men’s Rights Activist mainstream media messages about gender relations. The wimmenz HAS the power!!!

* That he warns boys to be wary of pretty girls, cos looks=personality=destiny (don’t bother to get to know them

* That he’s writing a book on how to talk to girls (presumably to *win* them – more on that later) but he dismisses the idea that the book has helped him meet/talk to girls, since the girls who approach him want to talk to him ‘for other reasons’ (the opposite of what Alec, like “Hi, may I service you today?”), like to talk about being on the Ellen Degeneris show. Yeah, girls are real hard to talk to…by “Talk to Girls” we mean get what you want from them…clearly not conversation since that’s what was on offer for Alec that he dismissed when *they* tried to talk to him

* Um, the picture on the front page:

alecgreven300I kinda wanna spew with that fucking picture in the background with a smiling kids face…in case I’ve not stressed it enough, HE’S NINE!

* That talking to a girl, having a girl interested in you, ALL of this is about victory for the boys. And we all know how well boys take their victory being jeopardised (um, I can’t remember how to spell that word!) Mmm. Nice. Girls=the spoils of victory.

* That even nine year old Alec, who has trouble forming sentences notices that you can spot the pretty girls by their big earrings, fancy dresses and all the jewellery. It’s not about her, it’s about whether she can decorate herself appropriately.He warns boys OFF pretty girls but that does not in ANY way make this stuff better.

God…what I hate the most…I don’t hate this kid. He’s a fucking kid right, he’s at school, he writes a fucking obnoxious class exercise and the world goes insane over it “OMG isn’t it so CUTE and FUNNY. Tiny person makes misogynist observations!!! AW!!!”.

I hate that he’s on the money in some respects – who is considered hot is not about real beauty, it’s about youth, thin-ness, shiny hair, clear skin, and very importantly about LOADS of fucking useless accessories: shiny bibs and bobs to mark ‘Tee hee I’m a girl’, all this is read as signifying “Will appropriately perform femininity for the benefit of men”.

I hate that it’s promoted as a cute little novelty act. These attitudes about girls/women are real, pervasive, connected to other very shitty attitudes to women, and the results are fucked up and violent.

Since I cannot bear to write about this myself, and as usual Ritchie from Crimitism has done a kick arse job, go read for yourself this kind of girls are for the men, how DO we talk to those whacky creatures, women are *things* you *score*, a victory, decorations to brighten men’s days logic taken to an extreme and disgusting outcome.

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