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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So SMH is noting that more women might turn to prostitution out of financial desperation.
It’s reporting on the fact that women may be forced into legal and illegal brothels due to lack of options, and increasing financial problems. Doesn’t bring a glamour shot to mind does it? This is not Hollywood people, they’re not suggesting women will be forced into becoming “High Class Escorts”, paid a packet, given protection and security, they’re suggesting that prostitution may be some women’s only recourse, leaving them fucking VULNERABLE to lack of protection, to horrible conditions, to the manipulations of pimps, the vulnerability to rape and all the other risks we know attend to being forced into prostitution. But even THEN the SMH has to glamourfy the images.

Front page:

front_prostituteYep. Women may be forced into prostitution, but SMH wants you to know they’ll be young, thin, have good bodies with teeny-tiny waists, and thick manes of lustrous hair, they’ll be lounging comfortably and seductively in clean and luxurious surroundings waiting to pleasure you when you come to take advantage.

They’re talking about people paying less, illegal prostitution gaining more customers/drawing in more women. Illegal brothels? Most brothels?? Well I bet they don’t look like this:


They’re discussing the prevalence of illegal prostitution under the photo above. Illegal prostitution? That’s how those two young women ended up dead in a section of a rented apartment and not found for three days. I’m betting the VAST majority of prostitutes, whether they work in legal/illegal brothels, or are left to work on the street, do NOT get to work from premises like this with it’s stack of fluffy towels and it’s shiny clean shower facility!

If the SMH wants to confront the ‘awful truth’  about a drooping economy, and the financial pressures on women, and the gender inequity in wages, then WHY can’t it tell the truth with its pictures. Women who are getting forced into prostitution are unlikely to get a room such as the above to work out of. Oh no, that’s right, even when we’re talking about women being forced into prostitution we need to make sure it’s all aesthetically pleasing to the menfolk.

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