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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Yeah, you heard it here first: I am a man! According to “Gender Analyzer: Man or Woman, who is writing that blog?” Fuckpoliteness is written by a man. They are 57% sure of this. I’ve used the gag before, but at the risk of becoming as repetitive as Kathy Lette, I’ll recycle it til someone stops me:

I await delivery of my shiny new phallus and a truck tonne of societal priviledge in eager anticipation.

With thanks to Su who brought me the means by which to finally learn and come to terms with my new identity.

[You may be interested to know that this post is *officially* 2% less manly than my FUCK THE PATRIARCHY uber feminist rant fest – I went back and checked again]

* Xander, from BtVS, Season 6, Episode 1: Bargaining Part 1


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