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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Does it make me “UnAustralian” to not give a flying shit about the impending “Australia” movie? It sounds shit boring, and Nicole Kidman’s acting? Let’s just say I’m absolutely CONVINCED that my first year drama class performed better in our improv sessions…even when we were being chickens in public there was more depth and warmth to our characters than I’ve ever seen her impart.

Also…what is up with Sam de Brito and his sudden discovery of feminism?? My boyfriend pointed it out to me a while ago, and it appears to be linked with his meeting Emily Macguire. I’m neither here nor there on Macguire from the quotes I’ve heard. Sounds a bit bland-rehash-y. But this fixation with feminism has lasted…and he appears to be making less errors when he writes about it. This guy is seriously alienating a lot of his fan base by doing this…new leaf?? Or selfishly motivated? But if it’s changing his opinions and we care?

And finally…does Sam in the City not remember her own writing, or does she think none of us do? She’s all *OMFG!!!* shock-horror over Today Tonight running a piece on “Is the Great Aussie Bloke an endangered species??” or something to that effect. Except…she’s WRITTEN THIS SHIT HERSELF IN THE PAST!!!!! She has asked the question, she has pronounced nice guys and pretty boys to be deal breaking turn offs. She’s whipped up the bloody heteronormative nationalistic What About The Munthead Mens fervour before. And now she’s all offended indignance!?


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