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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok, so yesterday I went bananas over this article. I had been trying to read it charitably, hoping it was gonna go somewhere. But why did I even *try* after the first paragraph:

Prostitution in Thailand is comparable to cricket in Australia. It attracts legions of fans and armies of detractors, while an ambivalent majority wonders what all the fuss is about.

WHY did I bother to read an article by a Western guy who makes a lame *witty* comparison of prostitution in Thailand with CRICKET?

Let’s see:

Cricket is a sporting game. Entry is by choice. It is played for the mutual enjoyment of all on the field. You get to remain fully clothed while you fritter away a day in mately comradery playing a pointless sport for fun. It is known as the gentleman’s sport. Hardly anyone ever gets raped, sold into sex slavery, beaten, tortured, murdered, or has sex with children during a game of cricket, or to facilitate the continuance of cricket. No one is forced to play or sold into Cricket slavery and if they were they might find that more enjoyable than adult Westerners paying to basically rape children.

So Craig, take your fucking writing and shove it deep inside your rear end. Sex slavery, prostitution of children, exploitation of poverty we can’t even BEGIN to imagine the experience of, violence against sex workers is EXACTLY NOT LIKE CRICKET. It is not sport. It is not equal. It is not okay and it is not a subject to be treated lightly and made the subject of light and fluffy little comparisons to make authors sound hip and funny. You know it, I know it, and you utilising cricket as a reference in an attempt to sound hip shows how little you really take the issue seriously.



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