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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So this is the pic on the front page of the SMH:


Text underneath: Parts of the job a drag, says Charlie Prince of Wales admits he does not like large parts of his job but feels it is something he must do. [Original emphasis]

So, go on, click through to the article. Five bucks to the first person who can actually find any reference to Prince Charle’s objection to meeting and greeting cross dressing men. It’s NOT THERE. Oh, good, SMH editors off on a heteronormative, queer-shaming flight of fancy of their own again. Excellent.

Turns out the pic is of Charles meeting Eric Idle after a charity performance. It seems that this aspect, the meeting and greeting of famous men, and holding hands with men in drag bothers the Prince not at all. Sad state of affairs when the Prince of fucking Wales is more open minded than a major and ‘reputable’ newspaper.


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