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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Ok…see I DID see the World’s Best Bum’s comp reported as ‘news’, and I DO see this shit every goddamned motherfucking day. Each screen includes at least one titilating image/headline enticing a click through…feel like a boner at work under the guise of ‘reading the news’? Here…be my guest.

So…you know what? If we’re just being whingers/have no sense of humour and the pornification of women is ok, even in the ‘news’, well then I suggest the following.

Let’s get all ‘porned up’ and strip off naked/semi naked and sultry, in Churches, in boardrooms, in schools, at funerals, at State Affairs, on Remembrance Days, during the Last Post.

Cos we’re chicks and all we’re good for is to be Teh Hot and Teh Nekkid. And if we say it’s discomforting or inappropriate to be sexualised all the time/even when we don’t want to be and we’re pooh-poohed? Well then OBVIOUSLY it’s NEVER inappropriate is it?

So ladies, strip on off: In the supermarkets, at the old folks home, at your next neighbourhood Easter fucking Hat Parade. Cos if you can’t convince them you shouldn’t be constantly reduced to a sex object/have your nose rubbed in the fact that that’s how women are seen at all fucking times, then let’s fight fire with some fucking naked pornified fire. Let’s go meet some dude’s grandmas butt fucking naked. Let’s strip down to our panties and crawl around all FHM style at kids presentation ceremonies or pole dance during the ANZAC marches. Cos they can’t HONESTLY have a problem with it can they? Or are they humourless prudes who are just anti fun/sex/bodies???


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