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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

According to SMH editors, *this* is what a “plus-size model” looks like:


Ok, let’s take a look at a shot of more of the body of this apparently Outsized Human:


How DOES she heave herself out of bed each morning?

[Edit: Oh. No. Wait. Clearly this mugshot of this gorgeous girl is not eye candy enough, so now under the banner of “Plus Size Models we have THIS image:


Right cos these women are CLEARLY plus size and we don’t have enough semi-naked chicks littered through ‘news’ websites already. For once I’d like to read a day’s worth of news without a link to a video of the latest model’s underwear collection, or a video of a competition for the world’s best bums. For REAL, do men need a wank that bad/feel their right to the Hot Chicks is so All Pervading and Overriding that they must must must have their semi naked chicks littered even through the NEWS websites? Can they not just click on specific sites? Or is it meant to be a reminder to us that we’re nothing more than bodies?]

You know, the article is not that bad from the quick scan I’ve done. (I’m late to work so I really shouldn’t be blogging at all, so no time for in-depth read). It’s about the fact that a study is showing that perhaps pornified human stick creatures are NOT necessary to the economy, do NOT sell more products, are not crucial to selling piles of useless crap – and yet, the same studies are showing (brace yourselves for the shock) that women and girls are reporting feeling better about themselves after seeing regular* body shapes and sizes than emaciated airbrushed women with the “Lollipop” look (to quote a line from Buffy “Big head on that skinny little body!”).

My problem is that SMH runs the ad with the headshot above with a tagline: Weighty Issues: Using Plus-Size Models is good for business.

The article didn’t mention the term ‘plus size’ they mentioned ‘regular’* body shapes. So SMH goes it alone by whacking this pic up of a stunning woman with like no fat to spare and calls her plus size. Good work dickheads.

*Regular? What they mean is women of a conventionally ‘feminine’ body shape. Thin, or vaguely curvy, but by no stretch of anyone’s imagination fat/chubby or even pleasantly plump. The article discusses showing ‘even bigger’ images next time to see where that line is in people still reacting positively. So let’s be a little more real here. Regular? The average dress size is 14-16. The “PLUS SIZE HEFERS MAKING NEWS BY STILL BEING THOUGHT OF AS HALFWAY ATTRACTIVE” are a size what? Twelve at the most. I’m all for a step in the right direction, but let’s ease up with labelling a size 12 conventionally gorgeous woman as “Plus size” or insisting that anything up to (but never ever past) a petite and conventionally feminine size 12 is ‘regular’.


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