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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

The wankers of the week awards go to:

Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross for this fucking crap. Obviously the logic is, if a woman refers to herself as a slut, she’s a worthless piece of shit, to be disrespected and punished and is fair game for moronic jokes of all kinds. Including the kind where you harrass an old man by telling him you fucked/enjoyed his grand-daughter. The clear butt of the joke is he ought to feel shame for having such a ‘slut’ of a grand-daughter, that she is not a proper woman or a proper relative. FUCK YOU TWO PRICKS!

Uniliver for the ad suggesting that women ‘fuck men up’ and men’s lives would be simpled up so much if women were like pot noodle soup. Including, yes, being kept in a cupboard. If you want to fuck a bowl of noodles, or some other inanimate object then go right ahead, but if you want the benifits of a relationship with a real live woman then get some fucking respect quick smart. Or be left to jerk off in the dark in misogynist bitterness after a bowl of those lovely cardboard-tasting unilever products.

Sam in the City for this piece of truly misogynist horseshit. It deserves a post of its own, to examine how any woman human hack op-ed writer could feel comfortable being so contemptuous of all women, everywhere and perpetuate and reinforce such particularly damaging stereotypes of women. (We nag, we can’t help it, we love it, we enjoy to make the men miserable etc etc). So if I have time later I’m going to tear that piece of crap to pieces.

The arsehole who thinks no-one knows s/he found my blog by the search ‘raped while she sleeps free videos’. Rape is NOT entertainment. Go learn that pretty please and I will endeavour to remind myself that violence is NOT something to be embraced, even in your case.

The workman who worked past last week and informed me he had a ‘surprise for me’ and it was a ‘big one’. And his two friends for not saying something to him. You think women don’t KNOW that’s a reminder he could rape me if he wanted to? Disguised as a little joke? “I have a cock and it’s huge, and I love seeing your fear and discomfort”??

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