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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

K. I is de bad. I is de DRUNK. See prior post. Stoopid A-hole ex in town. Me drink beer w gud friend. Me drink scotch w lover. Me DRUNKITY DRUNK NOW.

Is BAD cos “Ideologically Impure” is AWESOME blog and writer tagged me in meme (AGES ago) where am supposed to name 7 awesome blogs…but I was busy and forgot to do it…now is pissed and has to concentrate on not-fall-down.

Music is my friend. (Segueway). Learn to play the guitar (badly…slowly w many pauses). Loves de friends. Loves de kid. Loves de world and de lover. Hates de ex and his stoopid ways (calls tonight and sez don’ wanna see te kid, cos going away to TAMWORTH, so fuck off kid if haz expectationz – so me getz angry and den drunkzors…you gotz NO IDEA how long it takes to type this with bad drunkz and sticky space bar!). Oh shitzc- haz to go to works tomorrow.

K so HellOnHairyLegs (had to type like eight times-scotch bad) tagged me AGAIN. Cos I haz cool name. SHE does!


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