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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

If you’re really in the mood to get so angry your head might explode, then I suggest you read THIS GREAT STEAMING HEAP OF SHIT written by Paul Sheehan. I *do* LOVE to start the morning with a disturbingly miss-the-point and still very patriarchal sexual descriptor of a sexually active (but still likable to Sheehan – oh thank goodness!) thirteen year old from a pudgy, middle aged, condescending, hysteria-wringing hack op-ed journo, but as stomach turning as that is it gets worse. No time for a full post right now, but watch out for such gems as:

it was renamed Nothing Is Private to appease the oppressive sensibilities of the cultural thought police.

Also, the random *conclusion* (a tacked on and unrelated sentence or two at the end):

Frankly, it is our culture saturated with debt, consumerism, two-income families, one-parent households and a coarsening public domain that has done more to truncate the innocence of youth than random perverts, a reality we have barely begun to acknowledge.


And this:

What links Candy Girl and Towelhead is their depiction of the widespread sexual demand for very young women. By far the fantasy role that Busey-Hunt/Cody encountered a huge demand for was the “barely legal” horny teenage girl. Out in the real world, teenagers are becoming more knowing much earlier, thanks to the internet.

Ok…did he just go from there’s a demand, to this girl wanted to play with that, to well hey, men wanting sex with ‘barely legal’ horny teenage girls is ok? And let’s be honest, I think that was a nice little sleight of hand on Sheehan’s part there, since there is a MASSIVE market demand for porn dealing in the ‘pre-teen sluts’ ouvre. So what? That’s ok now? Because a couple of girls are honest about their desires which DIDN’T COME FROM NOWHERE and are a product of the society they were born into in which what is prized beyond all as the ultimate sexual fantasy is the pre-adolescent body and the notion of the corruption of innocence.

I’m SO FUCKING GLAD to know that I, as a single parent am doing far more to corrupt and pervert the youth of today than say internet porn and seedy fucking old men who should learn to wank over people their own age – or alternately shoot themselves in the head.

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