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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

God help us all, Sam in the City is still dispensing her wisdom – today: WHY WON’T MY MAN MARRY ME??? and other such vexatious questions.

So Sam says if your man hasn’t proposed to you enough lately, there is an apparently staggering breakthrough as to understanding why: “Look the real reason is simple: he just doesn’t love you enough”. Hey, radical Sam. Men are all the same. Men want to own women. Love=property transaction. If it’s not happening, it’s obviously cos the woman is unappealling.

According to Sam, if he loved you a lot, he’d treat you like a renovated Sydney apartment at a bargain rate in the middle of an interest drop, sign that contract, and lay down his deposit in order to ‘get you off the market’. Now THAT is romance!

So if he hasn’t proposed by your third date, you should dump his arse cos he hates you and all you stand for. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Sam, you’re an utter moron!

*Presumably, if we follow Sam’s charming take on the world, after exchange of Contracts, and on completion of the cooling off period, he would utterly neglect his new purchase in favour of scoping out all the other shiny new apartments, wishing he’d purchased one with an exotic deck in the courtyard like the one he spotted yesterday. He can’t help that, cos he’s a MAN.


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