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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

My boss knows a pretty high end jewellery maker quite well. He comes in today after meeting with him last night, hands me the swanky new folder of his latest stuff and says “Here, show [boyfriend] – see if you can put in an order”. I say “Yeah, I’m not really into the whole ‘Hey, buy me shit’ thing”. He says “Yeah, you all *say* that”. At this point I think I’d really like to kick him in the balls.

How much do you wanna pull a “Girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money” line on me?

Mostly I ignore it when I have to ask for his credit card to pay for work stuff and he pulls out the whole ‘It’s like being married’ line. I grit my teetch and use the card. Guess what? Not like being married at all. My experience of being married was that my arsehole husband drank and smoked my money and his. My relationships have *never* involved someone financially supporting me, and sometimes I’m so stupidly determined to pay 50% that I end up paying more than that which is extremely stupid given my shitty income.

So when I say “I’m not into telling guys to buy me shit”, I mean I’m not into telling guys to buy me shit. And when I say that in a workplace? Feel free not to throw around your jaded generalisations from the one experience like that that you’ve had in order to make derogatory sexist remarks. Or you know, feel free to kick yourself in the balls and save me the effort.

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