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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I wish I was watching the Vice Presidential debate. No really. I wish it was like a Melbourne Cup day – where we ate a festive meal in preparation, then congregated around a large screen to shout at the television, to egg on our Horse/VP candidate and drink to excess. Would be a great day! And no need to enter the murky confines of the T.A.B (for non-New South Welshers that’s the betting agency place chock full of…I guess Palin would call them the Average Joe Six-Packs. Maybe it makes me an *elitist*, but I grew up with Average Joe Six Pack relatives, so I don’t feel a need to set them up as Noble Creatures, and I don’t think there’s anything that admirable about a six pack, a gambling habit and a tendency to ogle tits in an unabashed way and make a woman feel uncomfortable while your kids sit outside waiting for you. Maybe this should be a seperate post, but I’m so friggin sick of the tendency to worship the archetype of the Aussie Working Class Man as some kind of hard done by digger with a heart of gold, someone just ‘keepin it real’) Anyway, I’ll just have to make do with my twitter updates from Bene et al (hi Bene!)

I also kind of wish I was at the beach today! It’s HOT HOT HOT! Not in my suburban dungeon office it’s not, it’s like a fridge – I’m wearing a cardy to stop from sneezing everywhere. But I wish I was at the beach. Laying in the sand, smelling the saltwater. See, the thing is, it’s a long weekend starting tonight…I’m a bit upset that the weather forecasts seem to suggest that this heat will end in storm tonight with showers for the next two days! Excuse me, but you’re raining on my picnic and BBQ plans!

But it’s gonna be DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whhhhhheeeeeeeeeee! Long days, warm nights, sun til well after dinner, walking to get an icecream with bare arms and legs at 8:00 p.m, swims in water so cold it makes you feel like your heart has stopped.


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