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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

I was busy taking a little vacation from ranting. Sometimes I get tired of being a feminist, and of caring about the world and its fucked-up-ness. So then I tend to not read blogs/write posts, to curl up in a ball and forget about it all for a while.

But this morning I’m minding my own business, I’m listening to the radio and the announcer starts talking about the Sarah Palin action figures. Oh yes indeed. So how is Palin immortalised? She’s the Vice Presidential Candidate, so I guess suited up…and maybe in hunting gear given the focus on her rootsy appeal. Well. One is in a suit, yes. Another *has* a gun – but not the rifle over the shoulder dressed for Alaskan game hunting style gun-toting. Cos she’s a wo-man. Therefore we have Palin in a white skirt that shows her crotch (I kid you not) with an open black trenchcoat exposing a thigh holster for a pistol. Exactly the sort of get up you wear to hunt. In ALASKA. Dicks. Then we have school girl Palin. This time the short skirt actually covers her crotch, just. But she’s got the ‘demure’ (read the fantasy scenario of “I’m so good, I want you to spank me and do wicked wicked things”) schoolgirl look. Button down white shirt exposing midriff and red bra. What’s more troubling? The sexualised infantalisation of a politically powerful woman, or the overt sexualisation of school kids – they are KIDS people. Then we have the suited Palin – for some reason the suit on this one is puffed out in the arms particularly – it’s not the sleekest of looks. Almost like deliberate emphasis on the fact that a chick in a suit is not that interesting, and we all *know* what’s underneath is Stripper-Matrix-Chick, or Naughty-Schoolgirl-Porn-Chick. The woman is the Republican Candidate for the Vice Presidency and we still need to fetishize her to represent her. Comparitvely, Obama and McCain feature as Pez Dispenser heads, and plush toys – oh my, you mean you can represent someone without Pornifying them? Oh right, only if they’re dudes.Link here.

And what else? An email linking me to this article, another OhNoesPoliticalCorrectnessIsRuiningOurFUN article. BORED NOW!

The first section of the article is an exercise in how to present something in such a skewed way as to present a reasonable situation as UTTERLY SCANDALOUS!!! The use of the word “outlawing” instead of merely reporting that the list is advisory in nature. Phrases such as ‘so called “disablist”‘ convey the scepticism that there is any real issue. Then we have one VERY upset Kentish Professor.

So there’s a list of words with – oh really – histories and connotations. It’s a list to advise authors which words might be best avoided. Professor Frank Farudi is Proper Upset, he is, that the Nasty PC Boring Tea Swillers are taking away his Preciouses…words like ‘civilised’. Gee Mr, could it be because of that whole ‘civilisation’ project of the British Empire that resulted in murder, mayhem, opression and vile treatment of humans in the name of science, progress, and oh YEAH, *civilisation*. I guess those upstarty natives just *objected* to your Empire’s ideas of civility, fucked up as those ideas are/were. Put. The Word. Down. You don’t actually need it, there’s plenty of others, you English professors are good like that.


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