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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

The text caption cut from the bottom of the picture says:

IOC calls for probe into China starShe says she’s 16, but uncovered documents suggest He Kexin is 14. Today the IOC has acted”. 

Now…if you are discussing the issue of whether a female athlete meets the minimum age requirement, and are alleging she’s under 16 – MUST YOU include a shot of her crotch, legs impossibly wide, and MUST you then use the word PROBE in the text typed on the bottom of said crotch-shot? I mean REALLY!

Even if you’re going to argue it’s not intentionally provoking comparisons to underage sex with the crotch shot, the editors are hardly naive enough to believe that’s not what people will see it as when they’re looking at an underage girl on her back, legs spread, crotch centre photo – and then to use PROBE??? Let me think of some synonyms more suitable –  inquiry, inquest, inquisition.

Anyone else care to offer some alternative words more suitable than PROBE? Like say almost anything?

I mean one minute there is screaming rage over Henson’s images being fodder for perverts regardless of intent, the next the SMH deliberately puts a crotch shot of a girl they allege is fourteen on the front page. Hypocrisy much?

Where is Hetty Johson now?

This post covered this stuff earlier in the Olympics.

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