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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

Let’s just say up front this is not a piece of critical thinking: the debate referred to in this article is quite serious and I intend to engage with it not at all…perhaps some other day, but others will write on those issues better than I.

So what caught my attention? The last sentence.

Ms Tankard Reist said it was hard to talk about art restoring dignity when another image in the magazine showed a woman being fellated by an octopus.

More information please…I’m trying to picture how this scene works…is it a woman with a penis? A strap on? Is she fellating the octopus or is Ms Reist confusing fellatio with cunnilingus? Anyway…that’s this morning’s amusement taken care of for me.


Oh boo! Update: they’ve changed that sentence from an octopus fellating the woman to ‘giving her’ oral sex…note the change from the verb to the gift ;p


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