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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

So I’m working on a scoop for you dear readers, I think I have a source who will hand over Brendan Nelson’s first draft of his “apology response” of 13 January 08.

Rumour is there were many drafts and Mr Nelson had to be talked down from talking straight bigot to bigots, but was eventually lured by the promise that through manipulation of language, imagery and history, he could be as offensive as he wanted to be, without being held accountable for his bigotry at all. “Mr Nelson,” went the pleas of his desperate and exhausted speech writers “we do this for a living. You simply can’t get up and say “Well, sorry, but you deserved it and more and let me tell you why” – but let us work our mojo…we promise, you’ll still get to *be* offensive, insensitive, racist and nonsensical, but you won’t be *seen* as that…it’s Australian politics at its finest – just sound like you’re being polite and you can be as rude and mean as hell!”

So this source is kinda nervous, but I think I’ll be able to get this info, I really want to persist, as I honestly think that seeing what Mr Nelson was *really* saying when you strip away all that babbling romanticisation of White Australia and White Australian history is a fascinating public interest story. I’ll see what I can do. Be patient with me.

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