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Fuck Politeness

This is a revolution, not a public relations movement

From the “and here’s another example of how I’ve made an idiot of myself” vault:

 A few years ago there was a kid from the Central Coast who was going for a walk when an electricity cable came down. It arced around wildly and it hit him and he died. That story creeped the shit out of me, so I’m kinda observant around powerlines.

Anyway, one day I had dropped my son off at school and I was walking to the bus with two friends. There were some guys arsing around with the power lines, and there was a big clanking noise and a shout and I thought one had come down, so I grabbed them both by the back of the shirt and yelled “SHIIIIT, RUUUUUN” and we scampered for a bit, before realising that in fact, it hadn’t come down and now there were a whole lotta workmen laughing their arses off at us.

 Well, I copped it pretty consistently for a long while afterwards, and fair enough…but to my mind had it come down, the early warning would have been handy.

Anyway, after a year or so of remembering this and cringing and laughing at myself, a year or so of telling myself it doesn’t happen, that it’s all perfectly safe, we walk home from the doctors today, past a group of men working on the power lines. I fight my dislike of walking underneath, and tell my son “It’s ok, they know what they’re doing” when he makes an edgy comment. We get inside the apartment and sit down and there’s this HUGE buzzing, a building crackling noise then bangs and explosions, I look out the window and there’s massive flashes of light and some shouting from the men from around the corner. Scared the SHIT out of me. Probably nothing to what it did to the bowels of the dudes working just around the corner. They were fine, being around the corner, but had I been walking underneath, even if I hadn’t been hurt (I reckon at the very least all the hair on my body would have stood on end) I would’ve been reduced to a screaming crying wreck.

 I’m just glad this time I’m inside. You know, I try not to pass on hang ups about danger to my son, but that poor kid just draws bad luck. He had a phobia of lifts, I convinced him they were ok, he’s been stuck in two. He had a phobia of bees, I convinced him bees were ok, he’s been stung by two. I tell him the electricity guys know what they’re doing then he witnesses a fairly phenomenal explosion. I don’t know about him, but it’s reinforced my discomfort at walking under power lines that make wierd noises.


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